Saturday, May 08, 2010

Muslim Immigrant is Hero in Times Square Bomb Attempt

A few observations on the Times Square attempted bombing: President Obama's focused strikes against the Taliban and Al Quaeda appear to be degrading their capabilities to the point that we are seeing the 3rd and 4th string players in the game. As a Nebraskan remembering the glory years of the Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne years when NU would be ahead by 40 points in the middle of the third quarter, players off the bench would get playing time. There'd be a field full of "I wonder who that is" players doing their damndest to impress the coaches with their spirit, spunk, and abilities. Parents of these players would root them on enthusiastically while they sometimes excelled and sometimes stepped the wrong way, blocked the wrong guy, fumbled the ball, got the snap count wrong, etc.,etc., etc.

The latest terrorist attempts, the Times Square event and the kid on the airplane a couple of months ago who set his underwear on fire, seem to fit into this category. US forces have so targeted, pursued, and Predator droned them, that we are seeing their 3rd and 4th string players toward the end of the game. Incompetent amateurs who lack the training and experience of the earlier players have been unable to carry out their planned attacks. Lucky for us? Yes, of course, but credit President Obama's focus on the actual terrorists this last many months. George W. Bush's approach to terrorism -- Hey, let's invade Iraq -- left the door open to Al Quada's devastating attacks in Malaysia, in Mumbai, in Kenya, in London, in Spain, etc., and helped organize Al Quaeda to infiltrating Iraq and fomenting a brutal civil war there.

One difference in my analogy, though, is the Underpants Bomber's parents were not rooting for him. They, in fact, alerted the US Embassy of their concerns that their son was "radicalized." I haven't heard about the parents of the Time Square Bomber, though. I hope they are not among those rooting him on.

Another thing, the citizen who alerted the police to the explosive device in Times Square was a Muslim immigrant trying to make a better life for himself in the US. Let's not forget that...... People risk their lives to come to the United States because the US has more opportunity than most of their home countries.

Other topics:

Homophobia -- Have you noticed that the more rabidly anti-gay and homophobic politicians are, the more likely they are to have unresolved "issues" about their own sexuality? My advice is: be who you are. You'll save everyone a lot of heartache and trouble. George Rekers is the latest in a long line of troubled souls spreading their tormented visions and hypocrisy to others.

Bill of Rights -- The Republicans can be pretty selective about these rights -- Gitmo where it's okay to imprison people for years w/o charges (President Obama, too); warrantless wiretapping of US citizens; efforts to undo Miranda rights for people arrested in US jurisdiction including US citizens. But try to prohibit sales of weapons and explosives to terror suspects on FBI watch and no-fly lists, and the 2nd Amendment zealots go bonkers..... Their position appears to be we will sell terrorists weapons, but we don't have to read them their rights after we arrest them......

And another thing, in the "good old days" many of the people who were spouting "My Country, Right or Wrong" are now plotting the overthrow of the government in Christian or other militias. Whatever happened to that sentiment? When the Republicans are in power, any criticism of the President borders on unpatriotic behavior to be attacked. Now, criticism of President Obama is not premised on any particular program or policy: anything Obama does is subject of coordinated media driven right-wing (Faux News, Limbaugh, Palin, Beck, Karl Rove, etc.) campaigns against it. Oh, for the good old days! Ever notice that Karl Rove and Karl Marx have the same first name?

Next, what's with Florida? - Marco Rubio, Republican candidate for Governor, son of Cuban exiles, now says send all illegals back including American citizen children of illegals. Republican Governor Charlie Crist is run out of party by the rightest of wingers and Tea Partiers, and an anti-bestiality law has been introduced twice now and rejected twice now by Florida's Legislature..... What does all that add up to? Hmmmmmm.

And finally, a comment on the stability of the American financial system. A leading theory on the 1,000 point stock market plummet this last week was that someone typed a "b" instead of an "m" in a purchase or sell order causing computer stock trading systems to run wild. Skynet, anyone? Hardly builds confidence in the system.....

Bud Cassiday

ps. DNA researchers have now determined that we all carry a bit of Neanderthal genetic structure in our heritage. I always thought my Uncle Benny looked a bit Neanderthal. Now, I know why. I guess those Homo Sapiens were always on the look out for a party.......


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