Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Political ads you won’t see - or maybe you will

Hilary went negative in Pennsylvania and won a big victory for herself. And I see that the Republicans in North Carolina are starting their advertising attacks on Barack Obama with the Pastor Wright videos. Candidate McCain has disavowed the ads, but the locals ran them anyway.

Here's a couple of Political advertising ideas you probably won't see:

On McCain - The camera would show snippets of John McCain's captivity in a Hanoi, North Vietnamese prison camp in those striped prison uniforms, him leaping from a burning jet on his aircraft carrier's deck, his long service in the US Senate, etc, etc. A voice over would then show snippets of John Kerry's military service being attacked by the Swiftboaters and Jane Fonda being excoriated for her visit to North Vietnam to protest America's involvement in that civil war. Finally, a voice critical of McCain would point out that his seven years in captivity were at what was called the Hanoi Hilton. Seven years at a tropical Hilton Hotel in his pajamas. Couldn't have been that bad.

Like I said, you probably won't see the ad.

Attack ad against Hilary:

A picture of the 3am little girl in bed. A video fade to Hilary on the phone and a close up of Hilary's face and the question, "It's 3am. Do you know where your husband is?" And Hilary's face changes to that tight smile with those piercing eyes.

or this one:

A video pan to Barack Obama announcing his supporters at a rally: "And now my good and long time friend, former Chicagoan and Black Panther Islamic Jihadist Muhammed Mustafa with whom I attended madrass as a young child in Indonesia studying the Koran, plotting against America. And sitting to his left, really way to the left, my trusted Pastor and spiritual advisor the Reverend Jeremy Wright who will call upon God to Damn America in a moment, God Bless him and my nutty Grandmother, and even farther to the left the former Radical Weatherman Red Maoist Revolutionary Youth leader and now PTA Chairperson and Neighborhood Watch commander for my daughter's elementary school, Bill Ayres. Finally, my good and loyal friend Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad, Lifetime Leader of the Chicago Communist Front for the Destruction of America party. His steadfast hatred of the "Man," of "Whitey," of "the System" carried him well in those Chicago neighborhoods where we stood in solidarity in organizing for justice against the white supremacist power machine. Please stop by his Starbuck's franchise after our rally where he is the night manager."

Actually, now that I think of it, you might see this last one by McCain supporters, so get ready for the Swiftboaters to rev up their anti-Obama campaign.

God Help Us All and Gobama in 2008


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