Thursday, March 10, 2011

You can fool Allah the people Somalia the time.....

You can fool Allah the people Somalia the time, and Somalia the people Allah the time; but you can't fool Allah the people Allah the time. Iranian fundamentalist theocrats should probably take note of this as Muslims throughout the Middle East demonstrate for freedom. Brutal oppression of Islamic Iranians and Libyans is taking place on a daily basis by a theocracy in the first instance and a secular cult of personality in the second.

And in our own country, Congressman Peter King, the sponsor of the Let's Investigate Islamic Americans Committee, has convened his McCarthy-esque hearings, just weeks after the above freedom-seeking Muslims across the Middle East began their quests at the risk of their lives demonstrating against oppressive regimes we and other western powers helped install.

The conflation of these two events illustrates Mr. King's moral vacuity. Muslim firefighters died going up the stairwells of the World Trade Centers. Muslim Americans died in that attack.

The perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks were disaffected Saudis with the assistance and safe haven of Taliban fundamentalist theocrats we helped recruit, train, and arm, who overthrew the Soviet backed Afghan government, who overthrew the monarch, etc., etc., etc. Our hands are not clean, as the old saying goes.

Mr. King's hearings likely have a greater chance of increasing discrimination against and suspicion of our own Islamic American neighbors than ferreting out any internal threats to the United States of America. I'd let the FBI and local law enforcement handle this.

Muslims enjoy a degree of freedom in this country far greater than those seeking the overthrow of oppressive governments in the Middle East we do business with: Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, etc., etc., etc. For these anti-American hearings to take place is anathema to our Constitution and to our own citizens and an insult to freedom seeking Muslims all across the world. Mr. King should be ashamed of himself.


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