Thursday, June 09, 2011

“Corruptio optimi pessima” - Anthony's Weiner

“corruptio optimi pessima” - the corruption of the best is the worst

There's something sad about otherwise good men getting caught with their pants down. The pathos, the hypocrixy, the media orgy of it all. Liar Andrew Breitbart stumbles across a true story and claims redemption in a hijacked press conference. Political enemies of The New Deal, The New Frontier, and The Great Society utilize the failings of Anthony Weiner for their cynical political gain. The mass media suffers mass hysteria. And we the viewers lap it up.

Anthony Weiner has now provided many days of bad puns mixed with pathos and cynical politics with the outright glee of his political opponents.

Anthony's wife is very close to the Clinton's, and so we had the occurrence of Anthony Weiner having to apologize to Bill Clinton for his cyber-sexual indiscretions. How pathetic and ironic is that?

Rachel Maddow did a nice job of dissecting the Beltway hypocrisy of it all with her report on Republican reactions to Anthony Weiner in comparison to their response to Republican Senator David Vitter.

I'm guessing that Rep. Weiner will resign soon, go through counseling to try to save his marriage, and maybe co-anchor a CNN hour with Eliot Spitzer.

At any rate, the corruption of the best is the worst.


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