Friday, May 12, 2017

The Turkey Vulture

May 12 The Turkey Vulture

I saw a turkey vulture at Benson Park
municipal golf course today.
It was up in the sky,
not that high, 200 feet maybe,
riding the day’s slight breezes
along the tree lined creeks on
the course before heading east
into a neighborhood.
I’d estimate its wingspan at about 6 feet or so,
and there was another smaller black bird flying along
with it, darting and pestering the larger bird.
Turkey vultures are not at all rare around here,
but it is still fun to see one in the city.
More often, I see hawks and an occasional bald eagle.
Two Baltimore Orioles were engaged in
spring time dalliance on another part of the
course before heading off to consummate
their bird love, I suspect.
Ash trees with large blue Xs marked on them
still stood in certain areas along one of the creeks.
But a number of ash trees have been removed
already due to the Emerald ash borer
leaving only the stumps.
We noticed one pine tree not doing well
on hole #18. The needles on its entire western half
are brown. We call that Bob’s Tree because
he has hit his drives into that tree more than
a few times. I’m guessing tens of thousands of golf
balls have crashed into those branches,
perhaps causing it great harm.
One of these times, Bob’s tree
will be gone, too.


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