Saturday, August 10, 2019


The dragonflies were out
in force yesterday at the
golf course near Offutt Air Force base.
Like helicopters hovering,
they scanned for prey,
protecting their lair,
the Big Papillion Creek.
The Papio, to us locals,
runs adjacent to the
eastern edge of the golf course
and provides ample habitat
for those sky-borne predators
before meeting the Missouri.
Named Willow Lakes for the abundant
willow trees and small ponds once present,
the golf course now has only a few
of those branches sashaying
in the breezes. I counted six
during my walk.
Ancient dragonflies some 30 inches
wide have been found
in fossilized form,
their organic matter
replaced by minerals. I am glad
I didn’t have to deal with 30 inch wing-span
dragonflies while determining
whether to hit a nine iron or an eight iron
on hole #3.


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