Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Budget Negotiations

The ongoing Budget Negotiations stalemate between John Boehner and the Tea Party threaten to shut down the government on Friday. The feckless Democrats have already agreed to Boehner's original proposal to cut $33 Billion (well, Boehner's proposal was actually $32 Billion, but the Democrats agreed to $33 Billion); Democrats are now sitting quietly by twiddling their thumbs.

Inexplicably, they have at no point even suggested much less proposed rolling back the extensions of the tax cuts on the richest of the rich -- that 1% or 2% of the wealthiest Americans.

So the Big Question of the Week is Do Republicans Want to Shut Government Down? I say, No. They do not want to shut it down; they want to KILL IT; they want to demolish it and stomp on the ruins of the New Deal and the New Frontier and the Great Society;they want to strangle it to death and watch the life drain from its corpse;they want its mangled remains burned to ashes and dumped in landfills..... And they want all the $$$ to be given to rich people and corporations who run things.

I'm just sayin.........


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