Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I noticed something before dawn today I hadn't seen before.....a delivery van. I was making my regular early morning drive to get son Jeremy to 6 am football workouts at Bellevue East. I liked it way better before he wrecked his car and for nearly a month was able to get himself around without parental taxi service. Back in Papillion, I saw a delivery van leaving my neighborhood. A little investigation revealed that it is just what it says it can order milk and other dairy products and a few other items on-line and for $3.20, the items will be delivered to your door. That certainly brought back memories of years ago when milk was routinely delivered to one's door - to that small wooden box with the hinged lid where the milk bottles were placed. Glass bottles through which you could see the separated elements that make up milk. The wooden box is now replaced by a required 50-60 qt. cooler, and in freezing weather, the delivery driver will ring your doorbell so the products don't freeze. Perhaps in the future you will receive a text message. So there you have it -- a .com blast to the past.


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