Thursday, June 22, 2017

Extinction Level Event

Everything’s relative
I guess. Losing health
insurance could be
an extinction level event.
Losing a layer of nose
tissue is nowhere
such an event, but
nevertheless concerns me.
I like Owen Wilson’s nose.
Maybe I'll see if the doc
can do that for me.
If the doc says “relax,” my
plan is to say, “Easy for
you to say.”
Airplanes grounded in Phoenix
because of heat is another
thing on my mind these days.
Earthquakes in Yellowstone, some
400 or so in the last few weeks
put me on edge.
We’ve lived in the interval
between ice ages, asteroid
strikes, plagues, world wars, and
global warming. That
the cold war mentality
I grew up with –
duck and cover –
is part of who I am.
I like to think that
none of this is normal,
but perhaps it is.


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