Saturday, October 21, 2017

What a Life

Saturday Oct. 21, 2018

It’s been one of those mornings so far.
I woke up at 7 am and decided
to roll over and sleep some more.
I usually don’t do that.

I woke up again at 9 am,
made some coffee, watched
a Sylvester Stallone movie,
“Bullet to the Head,” and
now a Kristin Wiig ,
“Welcome to Me.”

I cracked a warped stretcher frame
to get it back to level. You have to
break the glue in the corners to get
it back in shape. You take the corner
to you need to crack and slam it
onto a hard surface. Will prime
it later.

There’s no Husker game today,
so maybe I’ll watch a rerun of a
national championship game
from the days of yore.

My main goals today are:
shave, take out the garbage,
and buy some acrylic paint.

My mother says my poems
should rhyme. And she’s won
more prizes in poetry than I have.

I painted a Day of the Dead
picture in the last week, and the
“a” key in my keyboard doesn’t always
work so I have to keep backspacing
and retyping. Maybe I’ll try to write a
stanza without the letter “a.”

So here goes. My keybored doesn’t
work often. I hit the key end nothing heppens.
I guess it’s not so eesy.

I golfed yesterday and won $1.50.

I’ve got a few papers to grade.

What a life.


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