Monday, October 09, 2017

Willie Nelson's Bucket List

Willie Nelson’s Bucket List

I read the other day that
Willie Nelson visited Omaha’s
Junkstock last week
after one of his gigs
in Kansas City because
it was on his “bucket list.”
I would not have guessed
that Junkstock would be on his list
with all the things he's done,
all the places he's been,
all the girls he's loved before,
and all the people he's met.
That’s pretty cool, though.
I played a gig there a couple
of years ago with my band.
We did our 60s rock and roll
covers of The Beatles,
The Rolling Stones,
Paul Revere and the Raiders,
and many more to an appreciative
Junkstock morning audience.
Willie probably played
with the Beatles,
and for all I know, the Stones.
My own bucket list included
riding my motorcycle to
Sturgis, S.D. and Devil’s Tower
in Wyoming. I rode to Sturgis
a couple years ago
mostly to be able to say I did it.
And Devil’s Tower was just another
100 miles up the road and
I always wanted to see that,
so I kept right on going
after hanging around Sturgis
for a while.
I always wanted to play in a
rock and roll band, check.
I always wanted to be an artist, check.
I always wanted to write poetry, check.
I wanted to be President
and an astronaut for a while
when I was a kid, but well,
neither will happen.
Next on my bucket list is shooting
my age in golf. That’s not
so easy as you might think.
You’ve got to pretty good
to shoot 75 at 75.
You've got to be pretty good
to shoot 75 at any age.
I had a chance this summer
when I got to 4 under par
at a par 70 golf course,
but several bogeys
on the back nine put an end to that.
I ended up shooting a 71,
which is good, but I am 67.
I don’t have any other current items
on my bucket list.
I have no desire to jump out of an airplane.
Or technical climb a mountain.
Or take a cruise to Alaska.
I’m pretty content where I am
and what I am doing.
And I like that Willie Nelson
included Junkstock on his.
I would add Meet Willie Nelson
to my list, but it's unlikely.


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