Friday, August 11, 2017

Cumulus Clouds

I golfed today with
my friend Bob and
shot a 72. We played
the senior tees today
since we're both accumulating
the years, he more than I.
A blue sky was filled
with fluffy white cumulus
clouds with flat gray bottoms.
Later I researched
why they had flat bottoms
and it has to with temperature
gradients, humidity,
and air currents.
Temperature gradients
tend to be horizontal
so at a certain altitude
the water vapor condenses
in tiny particles attached
to dust particles and floats in
the air. A larger accumulation
of these small droplets
blocks more sunlight
and therefore appear gray.
They float because they are
so tiny and light and the
fact that updrafts are an element
in their formation.
If they grow sufficiently,
they fall as rain drops.
A 72 is a pretty good score
for a golfer on a summer day.
Those floating white cumulus
clouds with their gray flat
bottoms was just a bonus.


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