Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Cold Milk

I sometimes put ice in my milk.
I don’t know if anybody else
does that, but I do.
I like my milk cold. Really cold.
My extended family, when
visiting, will have morning cereal
and have several cereal
boxes nicely lined up
on the counter next to the milk jug.
They will all pour their cereal
and their milk, and leisurely
sit down and eat their breakfasts,
while the milk just sits there and
gradually warms on the counter,
an abomination against nature
and all things holy.
If I’m there, they will sometimes
put the milk back in the
refrigerator where God intended
milk to go, but only after
chiding me for wanting
cold milk for they know
I’m about to say something.
In the privacy of
their own homes, who
knows what they do……


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