Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Theory of Inverse Evidence/Belief Correlative Republican Dysfunction

The office of Republican Senate Minority Whip John Kyl from Arizona had to release a clarifying statement yesterday after Senator Kyl's fabrications on Planned Parenthood on the floor of the US Senate: "his remark was not intended to be factual..." At the height of the debate, falsehoods were casually tossed around the halls of the US Senate. Ideology trumps facts in this brave new world we live in. Propaganda rules.

If anything sums up the current level of argument as practiced by Republicans these days, this has got to be it.

Couple this with my theory of the Inverse Evidence/Belief Correlative Dysfunction and we'll be in for a fantastic ride the next two years. And I mean fantastic as in "fantasy," as in disconnected from reality.

My Theory of the Inverse Evidence/Belief Correlative Dysfunction states that the more evidence there is of a proposition or theory, the less likely Republican/Tea Party/Fundamentalist Christians will believe it and the more evidence of something, the more inclined Republicans are to deny it. From Global Warming to Creationism, ideology trumps science and evidence every time. Radiation is good for you says Ann Coulter..... Tax cuts for the wealthy will create jobs and help balance the budget....Health Insurance reform includes Death Panels said Sarah Palin....the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery says Michele Bachmann.... The Texas school board takes Thomas Jefferson out of American history textbooks and inserts John Calvin..... President Obama is a socialist they say.... the world was created 6,000 years ago, and in Colorado, bicycle paths for cyclists were a conspiracy to turn Colorado's sovereignty over to the United Nations.

Facts and evidence no longer matter that much. All that matters is ideology and propaganda.

So just remember the John Kyl explanation, what I said was not intended to be factual, and it'll make more sense.


Blogger Issyco said...

Yes, they are spouting just so much gibberish, but we do need to take a look at the way we are running this country and all the give aways for those who don't contribute anything.

5:40 PM  

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