Thursday, October 09, 2014

I guess I'm having waffles for breakfast and other thoughts.......

When I opened the freezer this morning, two waffles fell out onto the floor. Guess what I had for breakfast. The five-second rule did not apply because the waffles were wrapped in their original plastic packaging. Sometimes we make choices; other times choices are made for us. ********************** My new Xelement cool weather textile motorcycle jacket has so many pockets in it I could lose stuff. It also has a designated "gun pocket" proudly advertised. I'll repurpose that. ******************* Gas dropped below $3 a gallon here; outraged Republican vowed to fight. And speaking of outraged Republicans - why is it that many of the same people who are complaining that President Obama has sent US troops to West Africa to help stop the spread of the ebola virus are angry that President Obama isn't doing enough to stop the spread of the ebola virus? And the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is urging that people not panic about Ebola, not believe all the rumors and bizarre conspiracy theories, that they should learn the facts about the virus, and that they keep this in perspective. Sure, like that's going to happen........And I still say that if we had called it the E-bola virus and that it had something to do with cable TV and the Internet, it would have gotten a lot more attention in the beginning. **************** In other political news, Republicans this week denied that they are in any way, shape, or form counting on voter suppression or disinformation efforts to win races in the next elections. "We fully encourage all voters in the Democratic Party, voters of all races and sexual orientation, to vote at the polls come December," a Republican spokesperson said. ******************* With 248,000 new jobs created in September and the unemployment rate down to 5.9%, outraged Republicans are now complaining that President Obama has forced 5 million Americans back to work, Andy Borowitz reports. **************** And by the way, today marks the 2199th straight day the Republicans have failed to deliver their promised alternative to Obamacare....


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