Friday, August 29, 2014

And that's the way it is...............

Republicans marked their 2,190th consecutive day of trying to develop a health insurance alternative to Obamacare by holding a press conference to announce they had come up with absolutely nothing yet. "We will continue in our work until we come up with something," said House Republican Speaker John Boehner yesterday. "Our work is made that much more difficult because President Obama already took all our best ideas and put them in the Affordable Care Act, like Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts. I mean, how fair is that? It pretty much leaves us with bupkus." *********** *********** Here's an Andy Rooney question for you: Why is it that the same people who think windmills generating electric power will slow the wind, alter the rotation of the earth on its axis, and thereby create global warming, or that solar power plants will drain the energy of the sun causing it to go dark, or that hydro-electric power will change gravity, refuse to believe that 500 years of pumping trillions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere has something to do with global warming? ***************** *********** President Obama wore a tan suit yesterday at a press conference; outraged Republicans vowed to fight. ********* ****************** My vacation in an official Tsunami Zone on top of the San Andreas Fault ended two days before a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Napa Valley. That was close. I hope all my California friends are ok. And I just finished a new painting of the Golden Gate Bridge ($800 or will trade for new truck transmission). ******** *************** After a bit of a walk along the Stinson Beach ocean and contemplating the number of grains of sand in a cubic foot, I have come to believe there are, contrary to the standard folklore, more grains of sand on all the beaches in all the world, than there are galaxies, or even stars, in the universe.......I could be wrong though. While I was out that way, I had dinner with a wonderful artist by the name of Bob Bruman. And I am now the proud owner of two Bob Bruman original pieces of art! I also walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and then back again, which is altogether about 4 miles. My dad walked across the bridge on its opening day in 1937. ************ In other news, the NRA is championing the case for AR-15 semi-automatic weapons for blind people and defending the right of 9 year old girls to shoot Uzi's. *********** **************** Governor Rick Perry of Texas, now indicted for an abuse of power, is reconsidering Texas' death penalty and the state's proclivity for executing innocent people. ******** ************Ferguson, Mo., police chief admits its Stop and Execute program may have gone too far. "We modeled our program after New York City's Stop and Frisk program in close coordination with the prison/industrial complex and the US Military Surplus Equipment Acquisition Authority but may have simply gotten carried away. Our own internal review indicates the program had started as a Stop and Harass program but then escalated to a Stop and Detain policy, but then to a Stop and Pummel with Clubs, and then to Stop and Execute on its own inertia. It was human error. I pledge today to return to Stop and Pummel with Clubs just as soon as humanly possible. It's just difficult being an all white police force in an all black area. If only Ferguson residents knew what it feels like to be a minority. They need to walk a mile in our jackboots." *********** ***************** I've also been having fun riding my new 2002 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle around town. It's been a long time since I had a motorcycle. It gets about 65 mpg. ..........
And like Walter Cronkite used to say, "And that's the way it is" on this Friday, August 29, 2014.


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