Friday, April 18, 2014

Chelsea is Pregnant and other Breaking News

Republicans have endured a barrage of bad news this week. Obamacare has more enrollees than expected, it will cost less than projected, and will cut future deficits by a larger degree than previously thought, according the the Congressional Budget Office. Outraged Republicans vow to fight. ***************** ******************** Wisconsin Republicans will vote on whether Wisconsin has the right to secede from the United States. ************ ********************* Breaking News on Obamacare: The truth emerged today regarding the resignation of Kathleen Sibelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services from leaked internal documents. "It was the failure of the death panels that did her in," said an anonymous source within the White House. "We had fully expected, based on Republican reports, particularly from Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Michelle Bachmann, that tens of thousands of people would have been put to death by now, especially the old and infirm. President Obama was furious when he found out that there were in fact no death panels at all." The source said that Democrats will be drafting emergency legislation to install the death panels once and for all during the next Congress. "In all honesty, the omission was an oversight. It was a very complicated bill. The way Republicans were going on about it, we thought it was in there."*************** **************** Breaking News: Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. Republican Congressional Oversight Committee Darrel Issa is demanding an investigation into Chelsea's pregnancy. "With all the speculation about Hilary Clinton and a 2016 Presidential campaign, the disastrous Obamacare roll out, the IRS Scandal, Fast and Furious, and the Nevada confrontation with Clive Bundy, doesn't this strike you as quite the coincidence?" he asked. "Americans demand an investigation. Just who is responsible? How did this happen? There must be accountability. No good news must go unchallenged. Freedom loving Americans demand answers." ************ ******************Other breaking news: In a strange turn around on its "law and order" legacy, Reublicans applauded armed Tea Party terrorists who threatened law enforcement officials when they tried to enforce federal laws in Nevada. Clive Bundy, a wealthy rancher, has refused for 20 years to pay federal grazing fees for his cattle grazing on federal controlled land despite numerous court orders to do so. These are the same people who criticized President Obama as "lawless" when he allowed people an extra weeks to sign up for Obamacare if they'd started an application prior to April 1. *************** *****************So a Jew hating Nazi-loving KKK freak with guns goes out and kills two Methodists and a Catholic woman at a Jewish Community Center and retirement home.....and hundreds of armed "militia" show up at a Nevada ranch to protect a guy who's been feeding his cattle on federal lands for 20 years without paying for it. This is one of those days when I remain convinced the country is going nuts. And one has to wonder how many degrees of separation there are between that guy and the militias......***************** ******************* I watched the Masters golf tournament on my 15 year old Sharp tv with a 32 in. more or less square screen. The cameras on the network are shooting in a more modern rectangular mode that fills the screen on those large flat screen rectangle shaped modern tv's. So what I keep seeing is the empty square green space between the golfer on one side who is out of the shot on one side and the hole which is out of the shot on the other side. I wish this tv would stop working so I can go get one of those newer ones. Life can be so hard sometimes.


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Hi Bud: Always enjoy your insightful commentary on the status of our nation and news we may have missed for us who do not watch the news or read the paper. I thought I'd add a few tidbits about live in another part of our country. As you know I moved to St. Augustine, FL in November. Live in a large 5th Wheel RV emulating Thoreau who said he could live out of life in a box. I live on lot 107A in Bob and Ella's Geezer Grove RV Park and Gator Farm, home of moderate fun and free blood-pressure check at the Game Room on Saturday mornings with homemade donuts and coffee.
Got sent this survey from the National Democratic Party to fill out and also a notice a meeting of the St. John's County Democratic Party membership. The five of us had lunch in the larger booth that raps around at Village Inn last Wednesday (free pie day). We brought out surveys and talk over the issues. Nice to get to know that I wasn't the only Democrat in Central Florida. Saw a bumper sticker you've all seen I'm sure: "Take Back America." For the life of me I just don't get the message. I feels as if our country has fallen into the hands of the forces of evil, like a Satanic or Ghoulish monster who is fouling and degrading "America the Beautiful."
ObamaCare. There's a guy down here running for Congress who seems to have very deep pockets since his ad runs like every five minutes during station breaks. He shows a picture of his daughter who had a bad disease and her image is used in his ad (kind of fuzzy picture of the child in a hospital bed and in B&W, he says, "We had a great hospital plan that saved our beautiful daughter. What would have been her fate if she were treated under the flawed, illegal, and totally unAmerican fraud of ObamaCare. Wasn't our president's efforts for healthcare reform to bring good health care to the millions who work without healthcare or those who have to come up with thousands to give their family protection? The candidate seems to be talking to people like himself who have jobs with healthcare or those who can afford it. And hasn't the Republican Party done a great job convincing Americans that they had nothing to do with the form of health care reform we eventually got. Sort of like the pimp who wouldn't date his best money-maker because she has such low moral values.
I live in Geezer Grove RV Park, but I socialize with a variety of faculty and students from various schools around St. Augustine.
Bud: is there a way you can widen you wonderful blog so you can get rid of the circles on each side? I like your use of colors in so many of your pieces of art. Kind of an intensity that succeeds in conveys your vision and affects my mood. It's kind of an antithesis to your satirical blog. I understand that quite well. My writing tends to be cathartic for my frustations; yet my photography which you have seen is affirmative while being a realistic image of life outside a studio on the streets. Keep blogging. You have a keen insight into issues and it's makes me less lonely to hear Shelly's (maybe) definition of poetry: What was often thought about but never so well expressed. I kind of modernized it, if it was his def. Might have been Ogden Nash. Phil Smith

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