Saturday, June 27, 2015

An Open Letter to Bristol Palin and other stuff

Dear Bristol Palin - Birth control. Sincerely, Bud Cassiday * * * * * * * * US Supreme Court upheld Obamacare subsidies in a 6 to 3 vote. The few smart Republicans across the country breathed a sigh of relief that they will not have to actually govern in the aftermath of a negative ruling, and can now schedule another 50 pointless votes to repeal between now and the 2016 elections. "We narrowly avoided a Republican nightmare," said a Republican who represents a district where 90% of its residents receive Obamacare subsidies. "We would have had to come up with ideas and make decisions.............we're not good at that." By the way, today is the 2674th consecutive day the Republicans have failed to reveal their promised alternative to Obamacare. * * * * * * * With the 5 to 4 ruling in favor of gay marriage, the Republicans' worst nightmares of married gay people with health insurance came true this week. Like Stephen Colbert said, "It's hard to believe gays achieved personhood only five years after corporations did." * * * * * * In South Carolina, President Obama infuriated Republicans this week when he alleged that slavery was an issue in the Civil War. "Have you no decency?" asked one fellow dressed in a long white robe with a hoodie wandering around a local Walmart store with a loaded AR-15 accusing the President of deconstructionist historical revisionism. Walmart announced yesterday that it will discontinue its sales of Chinese-made Confederate flags. "There's plenty of other cheap foreign made sh** we can sell," a spokesperson said. * * * * * * * The national discussions about race, violence, slavery, the Civil War, and the Confederate flag reminded me of William Faulkner's line from "Requiem for a Nun," "The past is never dead. It's not even past." Saying the Republicans needed to look the issue of the racially inspired murders in South Carolina squarely in the eye, Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican Party said today: "This was a horrific tragedy we should have foreseen. This was all too predictable. Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and on and on. We must address this issue head on and without delay. I am today calling upon Democrats and Republicans to unite as one nation and lower the capital gains marginal rate from 35% to 27%, institute a nation wide flat tax, and repeal Obamacare. Then and only then will men, women, and children worshipers of all races, colors, and creeds be safe in their own churches, schools, and movie theaters."* * * * * * * *
Right wing conservative Americans flee to Mexico in record numbers after Supreme Court rulings in the last two weeks......... * * * * * * There are more Republican candidates now than there were people killed by the Black Plague in the 14th century.


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Next week you can take the week off and just forward any news clips of Donald Harrumph. He's making everyone laugh.

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