Friday, July 03, 2015

Give Peas a Chance

As you all know, I, from time to time, or perhaps several times a day, comment on the issues of the day on my facebook page, or every week or so here, and have decided to weigh in on another important and controversial issue rocking the nation, an issue of such great importance that President Obama has weighed in against. The issue is related to Mexico, a current issue for sure, and involves guacamole. I'm on the fence when it comes to adding peas to guacamole........never tried, never even thought about it. They are both green. I would try it. they'd have to be fresh. Like we used to say in the 60s and 70s, give peas a chance. * * * * * * * * On the good news front, the marigolds I planted are finally growing faster than the rabbits can eat them! It was a close race there for a while. Those bunnies were nibbling the little marigold shoots about as fast as they grew. I wonder if marigolds are less tasty the larger they get. * * * * * * * * The U.S. added 223,000 Jobs In June; Unemployment Rate Falls To 5.3% ; outraged Republicans are scrambling to put the worst possible interpretation on this news and vow to fight. I know there are issues of stagnant wages and income disparity, but the speed at which the Repubs tried to spin this as bad news was dizzying. * * * * * * * Donald Trump, Republican Presidential candidate, vowed today to sue everybody in the US unless they vote for him. "I'm suing Univision and now NBC and maybe Macy's and I'll sue your f****** a** unless you vote for me," he said at a campaign rally were the only people were hired actors paid to cheer. "I'm f****** rich and I'll sue your a** for a gazillion bazillion $$$. You f***** with the wrong Marine," he screamed at he was escorted from the stage to the sound of a dozen cheering actors.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump is rising in the Republican preference polls like a giant hot-air balloon, the simile for which seems appropriate for an over-inflated gas bag. His racist rants appeal to older white male bigots, which is the essential foundational base of the Republican party. He's been "fired" by Macy's, by NBC, by UniVision, and even the USGA and PGA golf organizations have distanced themselves. In Mexico, pinata manufacturers are now selling images of Trump for people to smash. Trump is a really really rich a**hole with no veneer of civility to temper the dislike he has for people. * * * * * * ** * And finally, I have officially changed Ruther Bader Ginsburg's name to Ruth Badass Ginsburg in honor of her honor.


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