Friday, June 02, 2017


June 2 Geese

A single file string of a dozen geese
slowly walked across the #2 tee box
at Tara Hills golf course
today as we were preparing to
tee off, on the way to a small
pond just to our east near
the #5 tee box. They looked
irritated that we were there.
Geese are fairly common
on golf courses, and are
pretty successful in urban areas.
These were Canadian geese
and have an entire country to our
north, for which they are named,
and if they liked, where they
could walk in single file
all day long and as much
as they wanted to.
But we waited patiently,
those several seconds,
maybe a bit amused at their
obliviousness to human
intrusion on their domain,
teed off, and went on
our way.


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