Saturday, March 14, 2020

My Journal of the Plague Quarter, Spring at Metropolitan Community College, Day 6 - Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping today. Large swaths of empty shelves were in every aisle. I managed to find most of what I wanted though. I did, however, have to make some substitutions: instead of canned three bean salad, which I could not find, for example, I purchased two cans of artichoke hearts. It seems there was no great rush to purchase artichoke hearts by anyone else. Canned beets were readily available as was Mexican Style canned corn. I almost got the canned beets. Maybe next week.

I was imagining an Iron Chef challenge as grocery supplies become sparse. Chef #1 - you have a can of artichoke hearts, a bag of Cherry Mash candies, two strips of bacon, a jar of pickled watermelon rinds, and Corn Flakes. You have twenty minutes. Or you have a jar of maraschino cherries, two granola bars, spicy mustard, a bag of croutons, and a small jar of vinegar. Go! You have a pack of Necco wafers (I do!), canned asparagus, two tins of kippered herring, strawberry jello, and a small can of bean dip. You have twenty minutes.

I’m fairly sure I have enough fresh and canned or frozen food to last at least a couple of weeks. So I should be fine. I hope you will be too. I plan to make a large pan of lasagna tomorrow, so if anyone needs food, come on over.

I was able to work on two art projects today: my butterfly bench project and my koi fish painting. I am nearly finished with both.
Here’s a joke I just made up: The only test Trump ever passed was the one he took for coronavirus.
Be well.


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