Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Exceptional Supreme Court

"In regard to the US Supreme Court, we believe the current US Supreme Court to be an exceptional court," a Republican spokesperson said today. "The conservative justices on this court have broadly construed the commerce clause in many instances when it suited their ideological purposes, except for this one. The conservative justices have spoken against 'judicial activism' for many years now, except for now when they have a majority on the court. The conservative justices have expressed ongoing deference to the representative authority of Congress to shape our laws, except for this case. And the conservative justices have railed against radical decisions which undermine the other branches of government and the will of the people and state sovereignty, with the minor exception of deciding the 2000 Presidential election by a 5 to 4 majority when they overturned the Florida Supreme Court's order to count all the votes in that election. And in 2012, if we have to make it more difficult for Democratic voters to vote up front so that we may prevail, then so be it. That's democracy. And now that Corporations are People, we should look at giving Corporations a vote as well."

"You may think it contradictory to impose a Fundamentalist theocratic version of atheist Ayn Rand's vision of the United States, but I'll remind you that even though she railed against the Nanny State all her life, she sill took social security and Medicare when she needed it. Our version of Theocracy has our own Fundamentalist twist for public education: required prayer in Public Schools, the teaching of Creationism, and the rewriting of history textbooks which eliminate references to evolution, the Enlightenment thinking of our founding fathers especially Thomas Jefferson who we have excised entirely. We are for religious freedom, except for Muslims, of course. We don't believe in teaching that evolution theory; we believe in the survival of the fittest and Social Darwinism. And we are for less intrusive government, except when it comes to women's vaginas and gay people. The government should be able to force doctors to insert things into vaginas and execute people for being gay."

Returning to the case presently before the US Supreme Court , dozens of Republicans gathered again today outside the US Supreme Court protesting their own health insurance mandate concept: "We hate our plan!" "We hate our plan!" "We hate our plan." A Republican Spokesperson tried to explain, "This is not inconsistent at all. We oppose all our ideas that President Obama adopts."


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