Friday, August 14, 2015

Bucket List...............and other items

By this time next week I hope to have two items checked off my bucket list: ride my motorcycle to Sturgis, SD and then go see Devil's Tower in Wyoming..........I've always wanted to base jump from the Sears Tower in Chicago, too......just kidding. I head out tomorrow morning. But before I go, I thought I'd note a few interesting political items from this last week: turns out Ben Carson did fetal tissue research and wrote an article about it, Rick Perry ran out of $$$ to pay his staff and faces criminal charges, Donald Trump body slammed Fox's Megyn Kelly in an ultimate fighting contest in the octagon and then held her in a rear naked choke before she tapped out to go on a two week vacation, Scott Walker gave $450 million of tax payers' money to the Milwaukee Bucks' billionaire owners for a new sports arena while cutting public education by about the same, Ted Cruz proposed a constitutional amendment to ban contraception, and Jeb Bush would bring back torture and thought the Iraq War was a good deal.* * * * * * As bad as it has been for Republican Evangelicals that Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim, they are now beginning to realize that their leading Republican Presidential contender, Donald Trump, is a, gasp,.....................non-practicing Presbyterian. * * * * * * * Honest to God, I just saw an article about certain right wing Christian conservatives who believe Donald Trump is a new prophet heralding the End of Days about to come....... Crazy stuff. I don't think it was satire....... I gotta admit, though, if he were elected President, the End of Days just might be nearer than we think..........* * * * * * * New Republican talking point: Sure, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied their way into a disastrous and wrong headed war changing the balance of power in the Middle East in Iran's favor, leading to the killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis in a devastating civil war creating thousands of new terrorists, set up an entire agency to spy on Americans without warrants, generated a trillion dollar deficit, and nearly destroyed the US economy, but Hillary Clinton may have used the wrong e-mail account.......* * * * * * As we process yet another series of senseless acts of violence, please remember that guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people: kids with guns, young black gang bangers with guns, white racists with guns, mentally ill people with guns, drifters with guns, domestic abusers with guns, criminals, black and white, with guns, disaffected radicalized white racist teens with guns, disaffected radicalized religious extremists with guns, sociopaths with guns, Aryan nation militia separatists with guns, careless neighbors with guns, drunken morons with guns, ammosexual gun fetishists with lots and lots of guns, compensatory chickenhawk-over-eager-wanna-be soldiers with guns, paranoid secessionists with guns, racist cops with guns, poorly trained cops with guns, drug dealers with guns...............


Blogger Mary Campbell said...

Love the end of days ironic observation. Still hate politics & distrust ALL politicians

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