Friday, November 13, 2015

Donald Trump's "Operation Adios Amigos"

After weeks of being pressed for information on his plan to deport 11,000,000 undocumented immigrants, Donald Trump's released the details of his mass deportation plan, "Adios Amigos," today. "It will be tremendously humane," Trump said. "Adios Amigos will be the most tremendously humane mass deportation of 11,000,000 men, women, and children since Eisenhower's Operation Wetback," Trump said. "Ike was a tremendous President and his slogan was I Like Ike, man, and the Mexicans love me," he said, "and when I say they have to go, they'll leave. They love me and I'm a tremendous negotiator and a tremendous winner and I'm really, really rich. So they'll leave because they love me and I'm a winner. We'll have buses and trains and airplanes and people will direct traffic and the trains will run on time and it'll be tremendous and Mexico will love us and pay for the wall and the little Mexican kids will eat tacos and be happy. We'll have Mariachi music and ice cream cones. It will be tremendous because they love me and I'm really, really rich. And "Operation Adios Amigos" is a much nicer name." * * * * * * * In other news this week, Republicans celebrated the 2992nd day of having no alternative to Obamacare which they continue to promise they will try to repeal. * * * * * * * * Jeb Bush revealed that he'd kill the baby Hitler if he was given the opportunity; Ben Carson replied to a reporter's question that he would not, however, abort the the baby Hitler. This appears to illustrate the Reducto ad absurdum argument at work. Ben Carson has added new chapters to his autobiograhy about his years in NASA's astronaut program and the time he landed a damaged space shuttle saving the life of the entire crew. * * * * * * * * * Donald Trump attacked Ben Carson recently by saying, "If you are a child molester, you can't be cured." Weird, even for Donald Trump. * * * * * * * * A story ran this week in the Washington Post that mainline Republican donors are panicking because gthe two leading candidates are Donald Trump and Ben Carson. I would too. * * * * * * * I just heard the phrase "chomping at the bit" on a tv show I'm watching. The idiom means nervous or anxious to get going, and comes from the equine world. "Champing at the bit" is the real phrase. Champ meaning to chew, and a horse "champing at the bit" is chewing on its bit. But "champ" is a narrowly known word from a specialized vocabulary and has been transformed to "chomp" somewhere and has caught on. * * * * * * *


Blogger Mary Campbell said...

Trump needs a pathologist on his staff, if he can afford it, to explain that PATHOLOGICAL doesn't mean INCURABLE. *** Worse than "chomping at the bit": "literally chomping at the bit."

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