Friday, September 04, 2015

I'm just saying..............

When Donald Trump was asked a question about the Quds he thought the questions was about the Kurds and replied that he liked cottage cheese. And a Washington Post investigation revealed that Donald Trump cheats at golf.... I saw where Donald Trump said Jeb Bush should speak English. I wish he would say the same of Sarah Palin. Jeb Bush's desperate attempt to do the right thing in speaking Spanish to Spanish speaking people may backfire......that is not the Republican way. "By a significant majority, Trump’s supporters consist of the relatives you’ve been forced to block on Facebook..."-Andy Borowitz. * * * * * * * I just saw a report that the Pope was getting new glasses, but what happens if the Pope reads the Synoptic Gospels while wearing bifocals? Has anyone thought of that? This is potentially frightening, like those physicists creating tiny black holes in their giant accelerators. Or putting matter and anti-matter together in a phone booth just to see what happens. * * * * * * The unemployment rate fell to 5.1% - outraged Republicans vow to fight. * * * * * * * Re. the Kentucky county refusing to issue gay marriage licenses - "Since when does the Supreme Court interpret what is the law of the land?" asked one Republican.............. Um, could be June 21, 1788...... You guys could look it up, you know. It's weird that the same folks who are backing that Kentucky county clerk's refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of "religious freedom," are the ones who freaked out about Sharia Law a while back........and they seem oblivious to the inherent contradictions of their thinking. I'd like to see fewer people outraged that Kim Davis can't discriminate against people lawfully seeking a wedding license -- and more people outraged that dead children are washing up on the shores of the Aegean Sea.* * * * * * * It's not easy living in a universe devoid of meaning -- I'm just saying. * * * * * * * Congress is demanding anohter investigation into the banality of Hillary Clinton's email. "Where's the drama? Where's the intrigue? We've been promising scandal and deceit and we get all this boring sh**. None of these thousands and thousands of emails were even classified....... Recipes? Are you kidding me? Invites to drinks after work? Jokes about Republicans? Wha? We must get to the bottom of these totally boring emails. The lack of scandal is scandalous." All those Congressional investigations are like hard candy: they taste so sweet, but the longer the Republicans suck on them, the smaller they get until they just disappear. * * * * * * On working on my syllabi for my two classes, I have noticed that because Monday is Labor Day, classes start on Tuesday. In addition to that, my Comp II class is T/Th and my Comp I class is M/W. So I will have two Comp II classes next week, the first of which is on the first day of the quarter and the second day of the week and only one Comp I class, which comes the day after my first Comp II class, which is the second day of the quarter and the third day of the week. My normally perceived metaphoric and autonomic conceptual framework in which time order synchronically parallels pedagogic scholastic hierarchic reality is already upended. Oh my. * * * * * * * It seems to me that the odds of there being no other life in the universe are astronomical. * * * * * * * And finally, regarding the controversy of renaming Mount McKinley as Mount Denali: why would you name a mountain after a car anyway?


Blogger Mary Campbell said...

OUT: Hillary Clinton
OUT: Donald Trump
As mentioned yesterday on FB, I'm an equal-opportunity anti-politician.
SO OUT (in a manner of speaking): Kim Whatsername
OUT, EVIDENTLY? "Give me your tired, your poor...."
IN: Jimmy Carter
IN: Pope Francis
STILL IN: Temar Boggs (age 15) and Chris Garcia, who followed the kidnapper of a 5-year-old girl on their bikes until the kidnapper let her out. Risky, but so heartening.
ALSO STILL IN: Anthony Sadler, Aleck Sharlatos, Chris Norman, Spencer Stone, for their part in disarming the terrorist on high-speed train in Belgium.
FOREVER IN: Wayne Dyer, who passed away August 30 after helping heal so many hearts over four decades.
Hmmm... think I'll post this on Facebook. Would that be plagiarism?

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