Friday, February 12, 2016

My Second Novel

So I'm now working on two novels, if coming up with one line on the second and being stuck on Ch. 5 on the first one counts. "I was on old Hiway 6 heading west that night, weary from a day of hard drinking outside Milford, Ne, the heavy black tar strips across the concrete making a thumpthump, thumpthump on my tires as I drove; then suddenly, I thought of Frida Kahlo." I've always liked Frida's heavy color surrealism and her personal story is compelling and courageous. Most of what I know about her I know from watching the Selma Hayek movie. I need to find out more about her. Bu right now, I'm trying to come up with the second line. "My stomach grumbled and growled -- I should have stopped at the Dairy Queen and got a burger and maybe some fries-- but I had to get to Ogallala tonight to see my girl before she left for the Peace Corps tomorrow. Ghana. Why Ghana? I thought when she first told me. But that was before. 'Ghana with the Wind' was the thought that kept repeating in my aching head now as I hit those tar strips across the road --- and thoughts of Frida." * * * * * * * * * * * * The next President will, barring unforeseen events, be a Methodist woman, a Jewish guy, or a narcissistic theocratic fascist psychopath. I'm going with the Methodist woman or the Jewish guy. * * * * * * * * In other news, Marco Rubio's bus broke down on the way to South Carolina providing a fitting metaphor for him; and Ted Cruz apparently hired a porn star for one of his TV ads. Things happen I guess. Mike Huckabee dropped out of the race and called Ted Cruz sleazy. Carly Fiorina dropped out and nobody cared. Jeb! Bush came up with a new campaign slogan -- Not Dead Yet. That has a ring to it. Jeb! Bush will be bringing in former President Hindenburg to help with the campaign in South Carolina. "We think that'll help," he said. John Kasich gave a warm fuzzy speech claiming to be the compassionate one after a surprising 2nd place finish in New Hampshire and then cut the funding for Planned Parenthood in Ohio the next day. Chris Christie dropped out the race too to the dismay of New Jerseyites who prefer he be gone. Donald Trump's fascist bandwagon keep rolling along. * * * * * * * * The remaining Bundy holdouts up there in Oregon surrendered and were arrested and will be occupying another federal facility for some time to come. In my mind, the Republican primary is similar to the Cliven and Ammon Bundy gang trying to take over that Oregon wildlife refuge: self-deluded conspiracy theorists, sophomoric constitutional theories, zealous and strange religious notions, anti-government sentiments. * * * * * * * * * In other news, scientists have detected gravity waves. I've been thinking about how the detection of gravity waves will affect my day to day life. Predicted by Einstein long ago, scientists finally figured out a way to detect them, and then found them....... So kudos to them. But I have to admit, I'm like, Einstein proved right again, yawn. I'm thinking that as long as the gravity waves aren't too big, I'll be fine. At any rate, it seems it would be bigger news if Einstein was wrong.........And finally, here's my rule of inverse proportion: The closer candidates claim to be to God, the farther away they likely are.


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