Saturday, April 02, 2016

A Little Bird Told Me

In the same week, Nebraska declined to expand Medicaid, again denying improved health care for thousands of Nebraskans and turning down what might be $1 billion in economic development. And Governor Ricketts introduced with great fanfare a license plate plagiarized from Michigan which many thought looked like a guy holding his really large wanger. I read yesterday that it was pulled from production and alternatives are being sought. * * * * * * * In the Presidential race, a small bird landed on Bernie Sanders' podium as he was giving a speech. Bernie was surprised and then had such a wonderful smile on his face. There's a humanity there lacking from most of the other candidates. A Hillary cartoon I saw had this caption: "I don't care what you have to do --- get a motherfucking dove to land on my podium." I'd vote for Hillary if she's the nominee, but this caption seems to capture her personality for me. * * * * * * * * Tens of thousands of Republicans signed petitions to allow guns at this summer's Republican convention. President Obama signed it. * * * * * * * * * * Donald Trump had a very bad week. His campaign manager was charged with battery for grabbing a woman reporter who was asking Trump a question. Donald said women should be punished for having an abortion. And he wouldn't rule out using nuclear weapons in Europe. What the f***? He's going to bomb Belgium? France? Abortion clinics? His misstatements reinforced what one pundit said about Trump: most people put more thought into buying a sofa than he has in running for President. He appears to be about to lose Wisconsin in next weeks primary. That would be so sweet except for the fact that Ted Cruz will likely win. Trump may be a narcissist arrogant ignorant pompous ass****, but Ted Cruz is a messianic psychopath. * * * * * * * * I'm hoping it's Cruz who will be outed as having been a client of the New York Madam that Rachel Maddow reported this week. The Madam's lawyer says he will release the client list of the infamous Madam of New York. In my life I've noticed that the more self-righteous a politician is, the less righteous they really are. So my money is on Cruz. * * * * * * * * Republicans were celebrating the rise in the unemployment rate from 4.9% to 5% this week. One Republican said this was the best economic news they'd gotten in seven "very long years."


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I vote we put that image of the State of Nebraska on the license plate.

Let's start a petition! I'll be the guy who gets all the money, and then runs off with it to Utah, where it will be revealed I've been living a secret life of polygamy, ever since 1973, when I got out of the Army and my wife and I were married and we moved to Nebraska and had three kids here, and finished our degrees and then worked at various odd jobs for 40 years to cover up. Now one of our sons plans to run for either President of the US or Governor of Nebraska. We've been offered a nice contract for a reality show.

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