Friday, July 22, 2016

Retrumplican Convention

Thoughts on the Republican Convention: Watching the Republicans nominate Donald Trump was like watching a cat cough up a hairball. The convention started out with delegates yelling Dump Trump and ended with a rousing endorsement from the KKK. It included a virtual Who's Not of the Republican Party. Scott Baio? Who wasn't there was bigger news than who was. The new official Trump/Pence logo lasted one day. Cleveland authorities successfully kept toy guns away from the convention hall. Real guns were allowed. It was clear to me that no one in the hall had read a single one of the eight separate Republican Congressional investigation reports on Benghazi. Donald Trump's third wife said he is intensely loyal (let that sink in for a moment) in the same speech in which she plagiarized significant portions of, wait for it, wait for it, Michele Obama's speech from 2008. It must be that the university she attended did not cover plagiarism until their sophomore year. Remember when Republicans were demanding Barack Obama's college transcripts? Trump advisors publicly called for the execution by firing squad of Hillary Clinton. Donald freaked out NATO. Neither Ted Cruz of John Kasich endorsed Trump. Ted Cruz gave a speech though. The next day he said, "I am not a servile puppy dog." John Kasich refused to even show up and he's the Governor of Ohio. Governor Mike Pence is the best pick for vice president since Spiro Agnew. The Republican convention may have set the record for number of prime-time speakers not to endorse their own candidate. Trump's speech was about 20% true according to fact checkers. He seemed to think that if you angrily yell something twice it becomes more true. It was pretty heavy on the what. Nothing on the how. Of his evangelical support, he said he didn't deserve it (likely true). Of them he said: "and has had such a big reason for me being here tonight." KKK former grand wizard David Duke gave Trump's speech rave reviews. "I alone can fix it." - Donald Trump. None of that silly touchy feely liberal we can do this together crap. The only thing I agreed in the entire speech with was that we should try to protect the LGBTQ community from terrorist attacks. And you could tell he rehearsed the LGBTQ part. Best comment I saw on fb was from my friend Inge Strack: "I'm confused...usually when I get into a discussion with a Right Winger they tell me the US is the greatest country in the world and if I don't like it here I should leave. Now I find out that this country is a hell hole that only Orange Mussolini can fix!"* * * * * * * * * * * * Ann Coulter is said to be depressed and near suicidal that Roger Ailes never hit on her. "Why not me? Why not me? Is it my Adam's apple?" she was heard to say, slumped over a bar table, with a bottle of Jim Beam Black half empty in front of her. * * * * * * * * * Other items this week: worst explanation of shooting unarmed black man this week - "The cop was trying to shoot the autistic guy with the toy truck and missed."


Blogger Greg Kosmicki said...

Hey Bud-- I think that it was significant that Melania and Don did not kiss on the lips. Did you notice that? Cheeks. And that she never smiled--worst modeling assignment ever! She had to pretend like she wanted to be there, but couldn't do it! The Trump Kids--they were all like Nazi children--but the crowning point of the whole debacle (yeah, it was a debacle) was when Emperor Trump said "I AM YOU VOICE." I head the winds of an anfathomable void howling.

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Blogger Greg Kosmicki said...

It's supposed to be unfathomable

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