Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Senate Amendments on Gun Control Legislation

The NRA said today the only thing that can stop a bad person with a pressure cooker is a good person with a pressure cooker. Meanwhile, in an amendment to the background check legislation being debated in the US Senate today, Republicans have introduced a bill, since criminals don't follow the law anyway, which will allow the sales of military style assault weapons to inmates in all Federal Prison, State Prisons, and County and City jails. They also believe that convicted felons, rapists, and all those convicted of domestic abuse should be able to freely purchase all such weapons on the internet. And in conformance with NRA's position that all people on the US Terror Watch List should be able to purchase assault weapons, Senate Republicans will also allow the sales of these weapons to the inmates at Guantanamo. "We may be violating all their 5th Amendments rights at Guantanamo, but we'll be damned if we will allow the violation of their 2nd Amendments rights," said gun industry/NRA lobbyist Wayne LaPierre today.


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