Friday, July 19, 2013

O. J. Zimmerman, Immigration, West Texas, and Egypt

George Zimmerman is anxious to return to his neighborhoodie watch program after his acquittal. "I'm sure there are more black kids with Skittles and soda pop out there. My work is never done." And NRA/gun industry lobbyist Wayne LaPierre finally commented on the George Zimmerman verdict today: "If only Trayvon Martin had had a gun this might have been alive today. The NRA will be reaching out to provide more weapons to young black men in the months ahead," he said. Seriously, though, it seems to me that Trayvon Martin was standing his ground, to use the vogue-ish legal concept, after being trailed/hunted/chased by an armed and incompetent vigilante. There's no justice here. President Obama today said "Trayvon could have been him." I bet there are quite a few right wing pundits biting their tongues on that. On immigration reform, House Republicans have now reached an agreement on whether to offer President Obama a pathway to citizenship. "The long national nightmare of having a Kenyan national in the White House may soon be over if the President accepts our offer of immediately resigning, paying a $200 million fine, enlisting in the armed services, and performing 11 additional years of volunteer service, perhaps as a community organizer." House Speaker at a press conference yesterday said, "I hope the President will accept our proposal. We are extending this olive branch to him in the same good faith we will soon be proposing more draconian cuts in programs for the poor and middle class, sucking hundreds of billions of dollars from the economy, all with the threat of closing down the government over raising the nation's debt limit, throwing the world's economy into another downturn, and ruining the nation's credit." In Texas - "Months after the explosion at the West, Texas fertilizer plant, authorities have given up their search for the responsible parties. The thousand ton ammonium nitrate bomb located next to an elementary school, a nursing home, and a residential neighborhood, exploded on April 17, 2013, killing 15 people. Authorities are mystified that such a large bomb could be located so near a highly populated area and yet no witnesses can be found who can identify the culprits. "It's like they vanished into thin air," said the local police chief. "In Boston, the whole community mobilized and found photos of the bombers and within days, they were either dead or caught. Here, though, the perpetrators are getting away. It's very sad." Republicans are still waiting for President Obama to do something regarding Egypt so they can criticize him. In the meantime, they will criticize him for doing nothing.


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