Friday, July 26, 2013

Rampant and Widespread Undetected Voter Fraud

Rampant and Widespread Undetected Voter Fraud I saw a report that said North Carolina's Republicans passed a long list of restrictions on voting registrations, voter ID requirements, and voting times/places because of "rampant and widespread undetected voter fraud." "We'll not be detecting far less voter fraud from now on," they added. George Zimmerman was reported this week to have helped pull a family from an overturned van that crashed outside his home. Conspiracy theorists are suggesting he may have staged the accident in order to gain some positive publicity. The mother is reported to have said that theory was ridiculous and it was a real accident. She did, however, express her relief that George didn't shoot her kids. Just kidding. By the way, the North Pole is melting. And Omaha is expecting record low temperature the next couple of nights. My Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger name generator sobriquet is Victorino Death. President Obama hosted a Ramadan dinner at the White House Thursday night celebrating Muslim Americans for their contributions in helping build the nation as business entrepreneurs, technology innovators and pioneers in medicine. I'm quite sure the right wing media machine will maintain their normal even-handedness and dignity as they discuss this. After being chewed out by House Speaker Republican John Boehner, Congressman Steve King of Iowa said today his comments about Dreamers were "anything but ignorant." That still leaves stupid, malicious, vile, despicable, hurtful, abhorrent, degrading, repulsive, disgusting, vicious, dishonest, contemptible, offensive, reprehensible, ugly, snide, unprincipled, obnoxious, loathsome, horrid, detestable, revolting, odious, insulting, contemptuous, scurrilous, and yucky. Steve King is the Anthony Weiner of Republicanism. People roll their eyes and wish he'd go away. Congressional Budget Office says sequestration cuts could cost 1.6 million jobs next year; outraged Republicans vow to ................ cut more. "We're tired of all this talk about jobs, jobs, jobs," they said. If Democrats would label the Food Stamp Program the Corporate Retail Agri-Business and Grocers Market Stabilization Fund, perhaps the Republicans wouldn't be so hostile. A few final thoughts for the week: it's pretty weird that the NSA can't search its own email records. Pope Francis has a homophonic non-gender specific name. Anthony should take his weiner and go home. Steve King from Iowa is the perfect Republican spokesperson-- if you are a Democrat. North Carolina, the petri dish of Republican right wing radicalism, just passed a bill to allow concealed weapons in bars -- what could possibly go wrong? There's a new reality series on the History Channel - "God, Guns, and Automobiles." The Gulf of Mexico is on fire again. The North Pole is melting. And Trayvon Martin is still dead.


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