Monday, April 30, 2007

Fred Thompson on the issues

Here's my blog for the day re. Fred Thompson. Like they used to say about
Hollywood, "there's no there there." We'll see.

Fred Thompson on Iraq -

Well, like my Aunt Addie used to say, you can run a possum up a tree, but
you can't skin a live skunk.

On Iran - Well, like my papa down in Louisiana bayou country used to say, a
water mocassin looks scary in the water, but wait till you get one in the

On North Korea - Well, like my mama down in Mississippi used to say, the
water may be muddy, but that don't mean there ain't no crocs.

On international relations - Well, like my daddy used say down in Kentucky,
it's okay to have dinner with 'em, but I don't want em asleeping on the

On the dollar - Well, like my uncle down in Tennessee used to say, you can
spend a buck here, or spend a buck there, but you can't make a camel piss
where you want it.

On immigration - Well like my uncle's second cousin down in Texas used to
say, an armadillo is the road ain't no use to no one.

On the US economy - Well like my momma's second cousin twice removed
married to my dad's fourth step uncle on his mother's side in Kentucky used
to say, the economy's like a old pickup truck: it's got four wheels and an
old engine and it's good for taking busted washing machines to the dump but
I wouldn't skin a mule in it.

On politics - Well, like my aunt Maddie used to say after spending the
afternoon behind locked doors with my Uncle Fred down in South Carolina, "I
don't mind the noise, and the whooping and hollering, but I wish there was
something more forthcoming outta all that ruckus."

On the death penalty - Well like my old uncle Maurice down in Georgia after
having way too much homemade brew used to say, "It don't matter much which
way you hung 'em at the end of a rope, but if you butter the pumpkin bread
on the wrong side, you still have to clean up the chicken coop."

On running for President - Well like my old Aunt Nettie used to say on the
way to the market to fetch some viddles, "I run this way, and I run that
way, and all I get is corns on my feets, and a dog that don't listen."