Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Republican Strategy - A Reminder

Lest we forget the Republican strategy established many years ago: "Let's hand the next President an economy in free fall, a corrupt and collapsing financial system, a trillion dollar annual budget deficit, and two failing wars. Then we'll fight everything he does to try to fix the total catastrophe we created, weaken every effort made to fix the shattered economy, attack everything about him and his policies, rewrite history, and just make sh** up. Better yet, we'll create a phony grass roots group organized and paid for by the Koch brothers and their corporations and bus them around and have them wear goofy clothes. No matter what the President wants to do we'll call it 'socialist' or 'liberal' or 'big government.' Then when the next campaign comes along, we'll complain that he hasn't done enough. People have such short memories, they might just put us back in office. Okay, that's our plan. We'll promise to do all the things that got us into this mess in the first place - voters won't even notice. Let's go do it."

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Questions Andy Rooney Might Have Asked

Here are a few questions that Andy Rooney might have asked on a day like today:

Why is it that the same people who demand organized prayer in their public schools oppose mosques in their neighborhoods?

Why is it that the same crowd who went Constitutional ape-sh** crazy about having to purchase health insurance voted 525 to 10 to imprison American citizens arrested in America, indefinitely and without charges, in military prisons or even rendition them to foreign countries?

Why is it that Republicans will make you have the baby, but not require you buy health insurance for her?

Why is it that the same people who are making it more difficult for people to vote in state after state are complaining about how hard it is to get on the Republican ballot in Virginia?

Why is it that anti abortionists want to prevent the use any tax dollars from funding abortion anywhere. but they still want me to pay taxes to fund executions?

Why is it that the same bunch of people who claim to worship our Constitution want to radically change it?

Why is it that the same people who want to get government out of our lives want the government to ban birth control, regulate marital sex, and annul gay marriages?

Why is that the same people who used to proclaim LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT to the protestors I was in the middle of are now the ones I think LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT about?

Bud C