Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Few Thoughts on Koran Burning

I agree with President Obama calling on the Pastor from Florida to not do his Burn-a-Koran day, but a bit of context seems that in addition to this one nutball lighting up a Koran, we will also be launching Predator drones on Taliban leaders and wannabees having lunch or afternoon tea in several countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and probably Somalia, God knows where else.

I remember the visuals when we blew a huge hole in the ground trying to take out Saddam Hussein during a lunchtime at a local Baghdad cafe. The crater was enormous and surrounding buildings were also vaporized and we missed Saddam. He had paid his bill and moved on. Some uncounted number of poor schmuck waiters, busboys, and assorted cooks, kitchen workers, and neighbors and children watching Iraqi soap operas or cartoons on TV were the casualties. Iran, by the way, is still pissed that we overthrew their democratically elected government in 1953 and installed the Shah of Iran, who after decades of torturing and oppressing his own citizens, was overthrown by the Ayatollah Khomeini. See how well that worked out.......

Having kept the Saudi family in power for decades so we could buy their oil, 19 of their radicalized citizens led by one Osama bin Laden, a member of the Royal Saudi Family, crashed into the Twin Towers. So we attack Afghanistan's Taliban government, the Taliban being the Muhahideen who we created, armed, see Charlie's Wilson's War with Tom Hanks for a pretty decent explanation, and take them out after having created them to fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Talk about chickens coming home to roost. All the while buying Saudi oil in enormous quantities transferring unfathomable amounts our our nation's wealth to those same Saudi royalty from whom sprang Osama bin Hate America.

We then, for no apparent reason, decide to take out Saddam Hussein, and launch into a war that lasted three weeks, eventually leading to Saddam being hanged in a gruesome decapitation. The seven years after that three week military victory will have to become a manual of how not to do things. The scope of the ineptness, corruption, ideologically driven, Green Zone calamity cannot be understated. The invasion of Iraq begun in 2003 diverted our attention from Osama and those who attacked us and Afghanistan declined to become a nonfunctioning failed narco-state. We are only now extricating ourselves from the calamity of Iraq and are launching into a similar surely to fail surge effort in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the political climate in our own country has debased intself with a growing anti-Muslim undercurrent pushing the Republican party and even chicken sh** Democrats into opposing a Islamic Cultural Center near the Twin Towers attack. We are undermining the very rational moderate peaceful Islamic Americans we claim to want to come forward....... We can be our own worst enemies....... I swear.....

So as we continue our international meddling with two wars going in that part of the world and a third being lobbied for, and when certain factions of the Islamic world go totally insane with their nuttiness and anti-American flag-burning, foaming-at-the-mouth angry insanity, and this is all broadcast on our 24/7 cable sensationalist news system we have now, keep in mind that there's more going on than just this nutball in Florida.

So how much does this one more match added to the conflagration really matter? Well it matters a lot.....but let's not forget all the other fires still burning.

Okay, I'm done for now.

Regards, Bud C