Saturday, August 11, 2018


Prez what's his face's lawyer, Rudy Guliani, today released what he thought were appropriate questions to be asked by special prosecutor Robert Mueller:

Mr. President, what is your favorite color?

Mr. President, do you like ducks?

Mr. President, what is your favorite dessert?

Mr. President, why are you the greatest president ever?

Mr. President, why do you like golf?

Mr. President, do you put ketchup on hot dogs?

Mr. President, who is your favorite movie star?

Mr. President, I see we are out of time. One last question. Do you like Jello?


Whiskey - A Poem

I like whiskey

in a glass filled with ice.

I fill the glass with ice

and pour the whiskey

into the spaces between the cubes.

The first inch or so of the drink

is almost all whiskey.

After that, melting ice

tempers the bourbon’s bite.

My life now is that last inch or so

of the glass, diluted by experience,

joys and disappointments.

Time has melted the burn

of the drink.