Friday, February 27, 2015

Republican Civil War Rages On

To better appeal to the we-don't-like-smart-people wing of the Republican base, Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush may need to start emphasizing that he has less college education than does his brother, George W. I saw a report that Donald Trump is considering another run for President. As I've said before, a battle for control of the Republican Party is going on between the stupidest 1/10th of 1% of the party and the richest 1/10th of 1% of the party. Donald Trump is the ideal candidate because he covers both bases. He's the kind of guy we regularly wonder how can such a ridiculously rich guy be so ridiculously f****** stupid. He is both filthy rich and incredibly ignorant and he can bridge the gap between the two factions. * * * * * * * Bill O'Reilly's new explanation that when he said he saw something he didn't really mean he actually saw it should clear that up. Bill O'Reilly, Fox News serial bloviator, now claims that Hitler did not commit suicide, but that he, Bill O'Reilly, actually shot and killed him in a secret commando raid. He is also now claiming that it was he who shot Osama bin Laden as well.Bill O'Reilly, Fox News serial bloviator, announced today that he is writing a new book: "My Life with Ike: Behind the Scenes with the Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower in WW II." "Without my advice," O'Reilly says, "we might have lost the Battle of the Bulge." The trouble with the whole Bill O'Reilly getting caught lying day after day at Fox News thing is that credibility or honesty aren't that big a deal over there. They are pretty much known for just making sh** up. * * * * * Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin apparently claimed he could take on ISIS because of his experience in busting unions in Wisconsin. I want to respond, but this is so bizarre on so many levels it's hard to even know where to start. I'm also wondering how far the fact that he lowered the median wage in Wisconsin will take Gov. Scott Walker in his Presidential campaign. * * * * * * By the way, today marks the 2444th consecutive day the Republicans have failed to deliver their long promised alternative to Obamacare .......... maybe tomorrow. * * * * * * Latest Republican explanation on stopping funding for the Department of Homeland Security in order to force President Obama to deport the parents of 5 million Mexican-American kids: "We're not really shutting down the Department of Homeland Security, we're really only sending home about 30,000 Homeland Security employees; as for the other 200,000 Homeland Security employees, we'll just make them work without pay for a few weeks before we cave in. What's the big deal?" The Republican strategy of "We'll make something really bad happen unless you (President Obama) do what we want and then we'll blame it on you" has never worked. Probably won't work on defunding the Dept. of Homeland Security to change Immigration policy either. Republicans, who go apoplectic whenever they hear the word "Benghazi," are about to stop funding The Department of Homeland Security. It's hard to figure out how their brains work. The latest reporting on the Republican civil war raging in the US Congress over funding the Department of Homeland Security is that a three week truce may be in the works between the right wing Tea Party Republican nuts in the House and the ossified, institutional, corrupt Republican blowhards in the Senate. It could very well be that we'll repeat this whole pointless exercise in three weeks before the House Republicans cave in again.* * * * * * And, honest to God, one Republican Senator stood in the Senate Chamber of the United States of America holding a snowball claiming that it disproved global warming. I kid you not. Wonder what he thinks on really hot summer days? * * * * * * Meanwhile, former Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner, and ex Kardashian husband, continues his transformation into a woman serving time in prison for vehicular manslaughter. * * * * * *** * So here's a question for you: why do we say we draw lines in the sand when we say we are taking a stand beyond which we will not go, when a line in the sand is about as ephemeral as it gets? A whiff of a breeze, and the line is gone.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Republican Highlights of the Last Two Weeks

The latest Republican great idea is to shut down The Department of Homeland Security and blame it on the Democrats. Sounds like a plan. * * * * * * * It's a real shame that the only person likely to ever be punished for lying about Iraq will be Brian Williams. Dick Cheney, George W. Bush -- nothing. Even Oliver North who accomplished a coup d'etat during the Reagan years with the Iran/Contra arms deal, has a television show of his own. I do have to admit, though, that I thoroughly enjoyed Brian's memoirs about his trip to the moon with Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11. * * * * * * The Republicans appear to be in an internal battle for who will control the future of the Republican party and possibly the nation: the richest 1/10th of 1% of the country or the stupidest 1/10th of 1%. And it's a close call. And they've got many of both, but there is perhaps one candidate who can bridge that gap between the wealthiest and the stupidest better than anyone - Donald Trump. The man is both a complete ignoramus and filthy rich. * * * * * Fresh off an anti-vaccination debacle which not surprisingly corresponds with a national outbreak of measles, Republicans are now weighing the value of traffic signals v. freedom in urban city centers. "Religious freedom not to stop is guaranteed in the Constitution," said one. "And we should not be restricted to a particular lane of traffic either. Who's to say which direction a lane of traffic should go? Only God. We'll be suing the President just as soon as those other lawsuits get thrown out." * * * * * Adding to the Republican nonsense about measles and freedom, one (Thom Tillis) has come out against regulations that say restaurant workers must wash their hands after using the bathroom....... * * * * * * Republicans are now accusing President Obama of engaging in "trickle-down economics" which has hurt the middle class. Are you kidding me? * * * * * * And in the I can't believe it even more department, a Montana Republican apparently has proposed legislation to ban women from wearing yoga pants in public. * * * * * I can't take it anymore...........