Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trenton Quarantino's "True Bromance"

In the latest Trenton Quarantino movie, "True Bromance," the Ebola virus brings together two large-state Governors, Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo, driven by divergent ideological agendas to ruin the lives of medical professionals returning from their life-saving efforts in Africa. "In the topsy-turvy world of fear driven Ebola politics in America's eastern urban cities, these star-crossed lovers find happiness in reaching across the partisan divide and buck the medical establishment to disrupt the lives of modern medical heroes," Rotten Tomatoes reports. "The movie brings together the handsome son of a prominent New York politician, and an angry fat guy with an ego to match from New Jersey, both ambitious, venal, and self absorbed. In addition, the movie brings together a selfless doctor from New York City, and a caring nurse from Maine, both traveling thousands of miles to volunteer their time and possibly lives in a humanitarian effort to stop a disease which has claimed several thousand victims in Africa. How the paths of these four people intersect drives the plot of this film. Egotism, fear, ambition, vanity bring these two Governors together in a True Bromance. Not since True Romance starring Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, and Dennis Hopper has such a tender love story been told." Quarantino said he wanted Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman, "but all we could get was these two guys."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola - special edition

Ebola is not a laughing matter, but I'll give it a go anyway. And my hat is off to all those front line medical workers at UNMC and those few other places that are geared up to treat Ebola patients. I'm not counting the Dallas, Texas, hospital where one of those patients died and a health care worker is now hospitalized. At least she had the sense to ask to be transferred to a different hospital. * * * * * I continue to believe that had the virus been called E-bola and that it had something to do with cable television and the internet it would have gotten a lot more attention in the early stages. * * * * * * Education is important on an issue like this. Even semi-celebrity Sarah Palin weighed in on the need for education: "Most people," she said, "don't even know where Ebola, Africa is." And Senator John McCain, like he likes to do, today called for the arming of Ebolan Rebels and the bombing of the Ebolan capital. "We've got to send arms to these brave Ebolan rebels. The government of Ebola is like a virus infecting West Africa and it will take a concerted bombing campaign followed by an invasion force. I have visited with these brave Ebolan rebels and they are my kind of people," McCain said. He later called for B-52 bombing runs on the Dallas, Texas hospital where one Ebola patient died and a health care worker was infected. President Obama is thought be considering bombing Dallas, Texas, as he has been considering dropping bombs on Texas for several years now. Texas Governor Rick Perry, interrupting his European trip, announced two parts of his three part program to improve Texas' Ebola response, but he couldn't remember the third one.* * * * * * * And Republicans have simultaneously been calling for an Ebola Czar while criticizing President Obama for having too many czars, calling on him to do more to fight Ebola while holding up $750 million in funds to do just that, and after months of calling him a dictator, are now criticizing him for not unilaterally stopping all travel to the United States from Africa. These people drive me crazy. * * * * * * In other news, Republican Mike Huckabee today threatened to beat the sh** out of Pope Francis because of the Catholic pontiff's recent more accepting attitude toward gays and divorcees......."Who does he think he is, anyway, the Pope?" said the former Governor and unsuccessful Presidential candidate who now mostly spews hyper-partisan, quasi-religious, homophobic nonsense to a shrinking audience demographic of old white men on an unreputable cable network tv show. * * * * * * * And Darrel Issa, Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee is investigating why the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, actually talked with Environmental Scientists when developing is Global Warming report. * * * * * * * Today marks the 2309th day the Republicans have failed to deliver their long promised alternative to Obamacare .......... maybe tomorrow. * * * * * * * With the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to 12 year old Malala Yosefzai, eleven Muslims have now been awarded Nobel Prizes. Twelve if you count President Obama.....ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

I guess I'm having waffles for breakfast and other thoughts.......

When I opened the freezer this morning, two waffles fell out onto the floor. Guess what I had for breakfast. The five-second rule did not apply because the waffles were wrapped in their original plastic packaging. Sometimes we make choices; other times choices are made for us. ********************** My new Xelement cool weather textile motorcycle jacket has so many pockets in it I could lose stuff. It also has a designated "gun pocket" proudly advertised. I'll repurpose that. ******************* Gas dropped below $3 a gallon here; outraged Republican vowed to fight. And speaking of outraged Republicans - why is it that many of the same people who are complaining that President Obama has sent US troops to West Africa to help stop the spread of the ebola virus are angry that President Obama isn't doing enough to stop the spread of the ebola virus? And the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is urging that people not panic about Ebola, not believe all the rumors and bizarre conspiracy theories, that they should learn the facts about the virus, and that they keep this in perspective. Sure, like that's going to happen........And I still say that if we had called it the E-bola virus and that it had something to do with cable TV and the Internet, it would have gotten a lot more attention in the beginning. **************** In other political news, Republicans this week denied that they are in any way, shape, or form counting on voter suppression or disinformation efforts to win races in the next elections. "We fully encourage all voters in the Democratic Party, voters of all races and sexual orientation, to vote at the polls come December," a Republican spokesperson said. ******************* With 248,000 new jobs created in September and the unemployment rate down to 5.9%, outraged Republicans are now complaining that President Obama has forced 5 million Americans back to work, Andy Borowitz reports. **************** And by the way, today marks the 2199th straight day the Republicans have failed to deliver their promised alternative to Obamacare....